'Achieve What Truly Matters To You'

Career is a major part of life and it's a blessing to work. Having a career that's purposeful can invigorate and inspire your entire life. To live in integrity means that your career pursuits are aligned with your life goals. Identify what would actually inspire and satisfy you, and confidently make important decisions to get there.

I need a job.|I want a change.

Am I still in the right place?|Something is missing.

I want to develop my skills as a professional.

Career Transition

Exploring options can be exciting but also can bring confusion. Be clear about who YOU are, articulate what you're looking for [through resume, LinkedIn, cover letters, interviews], and discern opportunities wisely so you don't waste time on distractions. Instead of going "backwards" and trying to fit what employers want, focus on pursuing opportunities where you will thrive and be valued.

large quoteBeing able to walk through the interview process and evaluate the company based on my core values was so helpful! It's been a great fit. I can live out my values here and the team has been really solid. They've had me lead some very important projects for the company which has been a lot of fun." ~ Jason, Mountain View, CA

Career Evaluation

Clarify where you are today, decide where you want to be, and map out the steps to get there. Evaluate what you're doing out of obligation and what is purposeful; define your values and career goals in light of societal pressures & external influences. Identify what’s out of alignment and be equipped to make necessary or bold changes with integrity.

large quoteI was offered a job at a smaller, entrepreneurial company and had to decide whether it made sense for me to leave my job at a mature, stable, giant company. I had spent weeks trying to decide on my own but still wasn't feeling comfortable. Then I met with Cindy and defined what would allow me to take action and yet be at peace. After one hour with her, I knew exactly what decision was the right one for me. It was like magic!" ~ Elaine, Walnut Creek, CA

Career Growth

Pursue the career path that is truly right for you, one that honors your values and needs. Improving communication, performance, visibility, balance -- strengthen the skills for your promotion or career goals in ways that are authentic to you. For more examples, check out the Leadership page.

large quoteCindy is great at working with you on meeting your objectives and being flexible, as things and needs do change. She is able to quickly adapt and allow you to take ownership of the process with her guidance. Overall, it provided me with greater confidence and tools to take action!” ~ Sharon, San Francisco, CA

What is keeping you from being where you want to be? I'd love to hear your story and help you get going.