'Discover What You’re Here For'

There's a truth, joy, and life in each of us to be honored. Approach each day with purpose and integrity, pursuing what matters to you throughout all areas of life.  Explore how coaching might serve you:

Career Coaching

If you're looking for new employment or evaluating your existing career path, we'll get clear about who you are and what you're looking for, so you can explore opportunities wisely and authentically.

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Life Purpose Coaching

Know who you are created to be and what you are created to do. From there, we can tackle purposeful goals while developing the skills and disciplines needed to reach them.

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Leadership Coaching

If you're in a position to help people thrive in their jobs or you want to grow in your own skills and satisfaction, we'll establish your leadership style and set goals that are authentic to you.

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Clients have been successful in areas such as these:

  • Being a better manager, parent, & spouse
  • Meeting commitments & goals
  • Streamlining their lives
  • Restarting a post-baby career
  • Securing the ideal job
  • Plus ...

Creating a meaningful work-life balance

"I learned my problem was that my "hard work" ethic didn't translate to the rest of my life. Once I applied it to other areas, relationships were restored and I felt more fulfilled and balanced."

Becoming a man of his word

"I've been following through, more aware of the commitments I've made with friends, more of a man of integrity."

Changing career paths with confidence & purpose

"I made a choice to drastically change industries, and with Cindy’s help I did it with confidence, overcame my own misguided beliefs, and even found my true life purpose!"

Developing an authentic management style

"I felt pressured to be like other managers, but Cindy helped me define my own style & vision and bring out the best in each member so we could thrive as a new team."

Identifying their unique contributions to the world

"I'll never forget the 'a-ha' moment of when we jointly came up with my purpose statement. I liked it so much I kept saying it to myself just to bring on a smile."

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