'Wanted: Skills, Discipline, and Strength of Character'

Remembering who I am

May. 26, 2012 | Cindy Lee

Ahh, there’s nothing like going home to get a refresher on who I am.  Read More

Work smarter, not just harder

Mar. 30, 2012 | Cindy Lee

It’s not bad to be a “hard worker” – in fact, it seems that’s what many of us have been raised to aspire to become.  In many circles, that’s probably one of the highest compliments we can receive.  Definitely in the work setting, definitely in school… for many, it’s even one of the qualities they’d want called out at the end of their lives.  ”He was a hard worker.”  ”She was always so diligent.”  Read More

One thing at a time

Mar. 08, 2012 | Cindy Lee

QUESTION from a reader:  What do I do about my new years’ resolutions?  I set several and am kinda disappointed that I’ve already quit them all.  I kind of want to just forget that I set them in the first place, so they’ll quit gnawing at me.  That’s better than feeling guilty all the time, right?  Read More

Precious works of art

Feb. 16, 2012 | Cindy Lee

It’s on my heart this morning to lift up children of all ages, as I know school, society, and other influences compete with their confidence and lead them to question their uniqueness.  Read More

Don’t be afraid of down time

Jan. 10, 2012 | Cindy Lee

I’ve had the funny experience to be told, several times, by someone that “my work is so slow now!”  And it usually sounds much more like a complaint than just fact.  ;)  Read More