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What are you celebrating this New Years Eve?

Dec. 28, 2011 | Cindy Lee

I’m in no rush for 2012 to arrive, though it’s certainly closing in fast.  I’m super excited for what’s to come, but there’s so much I’ve experienced in 2011 that I definitely don’t want to overlook them.  Those are the things I’ll be thinking about about during the countdown on NYE.  :)  Read More

Merry Christmas! why it’s special for me…

Dec. 25, 2011 | Cindy Lee

Whether you celebrate Christmas or another special event, I wish you much warmth and love this holiday season.  :)  Read More

Time to celebrate

Dec. 21, 2011 | Cindy Lee

It’s been on my heart to reunite and gather fellow Ladies of Purpose to encourage and support one another.  Read More

Wisdom from airlines

Nov. 17, 2011 | Cindy Lee

Whew, it’s been a busy season of traveling in and out of the country since August, but I was with my husband so it was time very well spent.  :)   Feels like work always more than doubles in business travel, so it’s nice to be home.  Read More

Finally… I get it!

Oct. 08, 2011 | Cindy Lee

Hello world!  I’m at it again.  When I say the last time I’ve blogged it was on Xanga, you’ll probably know how long it’s been.  haha  During that time, God was doing amazing things in my life when I was living overseas and I felt it’d be a waste not to share it.  People read it and commented on how they were in some way encouraged, and God used it to enable people from all over to be a part of His work around the world.  Read More