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About the Coach


Cindy Lee works with people all around the world to re-purpose their lives with Truth, joy, and life. She is committed to helping people clarify what truly matters to them, find joy in what they do, and come to life as they take their unique talents and purpose to the world. She has been honored as a Top Leadership Coach by Coach Foundation, one of the biggest names in the coaching industry.

Cindy studied Business Administration and Dramatic Arts at the University of California, Berkeley. She has worked at Cisco Systems and Google, ran operations for a non-profit foundation in Southeast Asia, builds leadership development programs for international audiences, and spends her time intimately involved in various volunteer capacities alongside her husband and two daughters.

Her experiences run the gamut of business operations, management, people development, and communications. She also loves eating, being in nature, music, and live sports.

"Cindy is truth, joy, and life. Because of her, I was able to experience this for myself. In areas where I needed to hear truth, she wasn't afraid to tell me. Where I lacked joy, she encouraged me. I am able to live life more fully because she helped me to discover my unique purpose in life."

Diane, South SF

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