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There’s constant pressure to be a “leader,” and then to lead a team in certain ways. Define your own leadership style and strengthen key skills to guide and interact with others in ways that are impactful and authentic to you.

A leader is not simply someone with the title - a leader is more accurately defined as a person others follow. Whether you lead a team of 1 or 1000, have experience from which your peers can benefit, or prefer to quietly lead by example… if you have influence over others, you have a platform to impact them in ways that bring respect, loyalty, rapport, results, relationship - and can offer a deeply-rooted sense of satisfaction to all who are involved.

Management Skills

I want to strengthen my character and lead a team that thrives.

Despite organizational and political pressures to lead your team in certain ways, you’re accountable for your choices and your team’s outcomes. Define your own leadership style and inspire your team to be satisfied, collaborative, purposeful, productive. Pursue growth and depth of character so you can navigate your organizational structure, be authentic in your interactions, and model key values for your team.

Woman respected by her peers leading a discussion

Sample Outcomes:

  • Define your values and goals as a leader

  • Establish vision and purpose for your team

  • Inspire individuals to bring their unique contributions to the team and place them in roles where they will thrive

  • Make solid decisions and prioritize objectives effectively

  • Communicate clear directives especially through change

  • Balance workload wisely across teams

  • Encourage teamwork and collaboration

  • Grow in your ability to coach and develop people

Colleagues Brainstorming and Working Together

Leadership Development

I want to grow my ability to influence and impact.

Despite social pressures to grow your career in certain ways, clarify the path YOU desire that also honors your reality. Establish career goals and objectives that reflect your values and needs. Whether for promotion or personal enrichment, strengthen your skills in preparation to reach them. What skills and disciplines do you want to hone?

Sample Outcomes:

  • Setting & achieving goals

  • Making solid decisions

  • Communicating effectively

  • Establishing authentic [public] speaking voice

  • Giving & receiving feedback

  • Addressing conflicts & confronting wisely

  • Prioritizing & keeping commitments

  • Managing time across all areas of life

“I am encouraged to continue on with integrity, and with the Lord, each time I talk with you. You are providing precisely the course corrections and coaching that I need. Thank you.”


Palo Alto, CA

What impact do you want to make on your life - team - family - world? Become the leader you want to be.

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