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Life Purpose

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Be clear about what you stand for and what inspires you (apart from worldly standards and social pressures), and integrate that into your life so you can make important choices that are consistent with your values and beliefs. Achieve your goals with accountability and support.

Life Purpose

What am I here for? What's keeping me from it?

Define your purpose in depth - who you are and what you were made to do - so that you can articulate what's most important to you and begin to align every area of your life accordingly. Address the fears and obstacles that paralyze you so you can make decisions with confidence and authenticity, and move forward with peace and freedom.

Woman walking through flower field with freedom and peace
Friends reaching summit of mountain; achieving life goals

Life Integration

I have goals to achieve. I want to stay on track.

Define a solid vision for your life. Identify what's "off track" and align your efforts & beliefs. Take steady action towards your vision with firm accountability while developing the skills and disciplines to sustain a lifetime of purposeful goals and dreams.

“The most valuable thing I gained from this experience was to come to a place of peace with my life right now. Cindy helped me see that some of my "desires" were really due to pressures I was feeling from society and helped me figure out what truly made me feel fulfilled and purposeful, and I was able to let go of the pressures and truly embrace this precious purpose - giving it everything I have. It has truly made me happier and more fulfilled.”


Mountain View, CA

Be clear about what you're here for and set goals that truly matter to you.

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