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Clients span from Google to Lockheed Martin, entrepreneurs to MDs, teachers to nonprofit professionals, new moms to empty-nesters. Read about their varied experiences and testimonials of change.

Developing A Clear Action Plan For A Major Career Transition

Elaine, MD, MBA, Healthcare Administration

During my career transition from medicine to business, Cindy went above and beyond to help me find out what my true purpose in life is, and how to achieve it. Cindy invited me to a journey of self-reflection, in which she helped me find my dreams and be confident about them. Together we developed an action plan and she not only provided me with tools to efficiently tackle the plan, but also increased my awareness on how we can sabotage ourselves and prevent our dreams from coming true. I believe being coached by Cindy can be a life-changing experience and strongly recommend anyone going through (or willing to go through) major decisions in life to inquire about Cindy's method. 

Discovering The Most Successful, Fulfilled Version of Myself

Karen, Social Worker

I believe that she is completely genuine in her desire to see me become the most successful, fulfilled version of myself and is always willing to spend the time and energy to help me discover what that means. I especially admire her skill at helping me consider things from a new perspective. I truly value the truth that she speaks into my life.

Evaluating Career Opportunities With Integrity

Grace, MBA, CEO (start-up)

I really liked the clarity of my goals after coaching. I was generally pretty satisfied with life overall, but specifically concerned about my work situation. I started this coaching with the intent to give myself some tools to evaluate opportunities outside of my current work situation and had some intent to leave. Serendipitously, I was offered an opportunity within my current company during coaching and I was able to respond to it with integrity and clarity. I was also able to stop pursuing other offers which I realized were not a good fit. 

Being Equipped to Live Purposefully

Amy, Technical PM

Purpose finding can be a daunting and elusive endeavor. Cindy was great at focusing on actionable goals and intermediate tasks to help me understand purpose as a whole. She was gentle, yet firm. She gave me ownership over the process, yet she didn't hesitate to step in and direct/focus me when needed. Rather than serving my purpose to me on a platter, she equipped me with the tools and methods to seek purpose ongoingly on my own. In a way, she taught me how to fish, rather than feeding me fish. She was kind and truly cared about my growth and my well-being. Now, months after our coaching sessions, the tools and the lessons still stick. 

Making A Career Leap With Peace & Confidence

Jennifer, Non-Profit Director

Doing the coaching with Cindy was one of the best investments I've ever made in myself and my future. I was looking to make a career change but faced uncertainty, fear, and confusion, not knowing if this was the right move. Cindy walked alongside me in this process, empowering me to understand my unique God-given purpose and to spend time in reflection and prayer. I was able to make the leap with peace, confidence, and faith; I even improved my personal habits and learned accountability. This is something that will help guide my every next step, both big and small." 

Finding Wholeness & Peace As Life Changes

Janet, JD, Full-Time Mom

Purpose coaching was a life-changing experience. Inspiring and understandable, it has set me on a path to wholeness. Before coaching, I thought there might be more I should be doing with my time. I thought I might need to prepare for re-entry into the workforce. Through coaching, I realized I don't need to know yet my next steps after staying at home with my new baby. This has given me peace and confidence that I should focus on what I'm doing now.

Getting Unstuck

Jacqueline, Marketing Professional

I recommend anyone to explore life coaching with Cindy for yourself if you are at a point that you need to move forward but don't know how. Cindy is insightful, wise, creative, encouraging, and has such a heart to see me live my dreams. Some days I think she believes in me a lot more than I believe in myself. Check her out, you will thank me later!

Making the Right Decisions In Life

Shannon, Account Manager

I learned exercises that I could do over and over again when I come face to face with a big life decision. It's almost ingrained in me to be intentional with every decision that I make now. Also, I don't feel as afraid or anxious when I am contemplating what decisions to make or direction to take.

Understanding Myself Better

Karen, Restaurateur

This experience has made choosing from two equally viable choices in life much more clear. Sometimes both choices are perfect for the road ahead, but there is one that your heart does desire more. The lessons have helped me understand myself better.

Feeling Alive Again, For A Purposeful Retirement

Angela, CPA, Accountant

Before coaching - I was content, in ready-to-retire gear. Now I am in good shape spiritually and physically, living an absolutely positive life. I'm revived with the desire to explore, focus on relationships, and bring good influence to others. I like myself more than before - the changes are good. I feel alive again knowing that I am capable of achieving numerous dreams... AT ANY AGE!

Finding Clarity and Focus

Bethany, Public Speaker

She has the ability to ask powerful, thought-provoking questions that help clients gain clarity and focus. Her professionalism and expertise belie her youth; I experienced her as a wise and gifted coach.

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