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  • Cindy Lee

Finally… I get it!

Hello world! I’m at it again. When I say the last time I’ve blogged it was on Xanga, you’ll probably know how long it’s been. haha During that time, God was doing amazing things in my life when I was living overseas and I felt it’d be a waste not to share it. People read it and commented on how they were in some way encouraged, and God used it to enable people from all over to be a part of His work around the world.

Then, when I moved back to the USA four years ago, I stopped. Even though past readers were encouraging me to continue, it’s taken me a while. For some reason, I’ve been deluded into thinking that “my life is not that important now where it’s worth taking up more space in the www.”

This summer, the Lord provided me much time to reflect on all that has been happening since I left corporate and became a life coach full-time. I’m truly in awe of the life changes in and around me, and I feel grateful that I get to do what I do. And so much of it can be useful for others to hear.

Finally… I get it. It’s not my life that matters; it’s what God’s doing that does. He is still doing noteworthy things in my life and all around me, and I realize it would be a waste not to capture what I’ve been learning. I hope the things I share will bless and support you somehow!

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