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  • Cindy Lee

Hitting the pause button…

Ever think about the power of God in your life? Time flies, and I don’t want to miss seeing it. It’s been a packed several weeks, but I want to stop and appreciate all that I’ve experienced.

  • The ladies at the workshop made solid progress on their decisions – I am so proud of them.

  • Led a missions training session about how to be purposeful for God anywhere, and heard beautiful testimonies of how God draws people to Him.

  • Inspired by how majestic He is while on vacation – talking with old and new friends, jumping down 27 waterfalls (literally!), and seeing the MilkyWay for the first time in years.

  • Reflected on the power of the hope we have, while leading worship and emcee’ing a weekend of events for my dear friends as they exchanged vows by the mighty ocean.

  • And my parents’ visit reminded me of how I became who I am.

I’m humbled by the abundance in my life.

What’s going on in yours?

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