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  • Cindy Lee

Merry Christmas! why it’s special for me…

Whether you celebrate Christmas or another special event, I wish you much warmth and love this holiday season. :)

Christmas is a very special season for me, as it symbolizes our Lord’s very purposeful redemptive plan.

That Jesus would choose to give up his glorious home in heaven to come to earth, to knowingly and intentionally spend 30+ years in preparation for a very painful death, so that he could pay for the wrongs of mankind in order to reconcile with a very hostile people – this takes true humility, love, and dedication… none like any other I’ve encountered.

When I think about how much I enjoy my work that is so deeply purposeful for me, and how I struggle daily through opposition to continue, I’m moved by how much Jesus so believed in the purpose of his mission that he could sustain the excruciating opposition he faced. His love obviously surpasses anything I can fathom and his actions had implications of cosmic proportions.

Of course, I’m in no way trying to compare the impact and significance of his life with mine. :) I’m amazed at his commitment and focus. He is my model of intentionality, integrity, and purposeful living.

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