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  • Cindy Lee

What are you celebrating this New Years Eve?

I’m in no rush for 2012 to arrive, though it’s certainly closing in fast. I’m super excited for what’s to come, but there’s so much I’ve experienced in 2011 that I definitely don’t want to overlook them. Those are the things I’ll be thinking about about during the countdown on NYE. :)

This article is for you if you’re looking forward to 2012 to get a second chance at achieving something you’ve been going after… OR if you are extremely accomplished but feel like you’re on an endless hamster wheel of productivity… OR if you have a to-do list (or several) that you’re constantly adding to, chipping away from, managing somehow.

Doesn’t matter if you’re one or all three of these. The solution? If you want to get to where you want to go, actively practice the art of gratitude and celebration. Here I’ll talk about celebration, and I’ll post later about gratitude.

Often we’re on a go-go-go schedule and we don’t stop to acknowledge how much we’ve accomplished. We’re already on to the next thing, so no wonder we feel like there’s no end or appreciation. Call it cultural (“forget about the A; what can you do to fix the B+”) or call it ambition (“there’s still more I can do”), but pressing forward without pausing to celebrate can put you on the Road to Unfulfillment fast.

What I mean by “celebration” in this case is truly commemorating hard work that has been done. Whether it was accomplishing an important to-do, chipping away slowly at a major task, or even realizing something was wrong and switching gears — the truth is that each required intentional effort, so each deserves to be appreciated.

All of my Purpose Coaching clients KNOW that celebration is a key step in purposeful living. It strengthens our ability to move forward, and here are two key reasons why:

  1. Confidence and trust in your ability to achieve what’s still yet to come — It’s more than checking something off the list, but doesn’t have to be about throwing a party for everything. It’s a matter of changing your perspective while strengthening your ability to trust yourself more. As you see that you actually did what you set out to do, you believe more that you will continue to do so even on big things. Thus, celebrating is an important practice for someone who pursues a purposeful life. So with that perspective, finally getting your oil changed is worth celebrating! Clearing out even a small section of the closet that you’ve been meaning to clean for several years is worth commemorating. So is deciding that the thank-you cards you were “supposed” to send out aren’t really as important to you as having coffee with those friends.

  2. A clearer sense of direction and whether you’re on the right path — Beyond checking something off your task list, spending a moment to reflect on it enables you to remember why you did it, enjoy the rush of achievement, decide the right next step, and have the confidence that you’re on track towards something that is still worthwhile. It’s like a GPS — you can pinpoint on a map the destination, but what you’re usually looking for is the best route to get there from where you are… one key factor being that you must accurately know where you are coming from or where you are, which requires a truthful account of what you’ve achieved thus far.

So, before ringing in 2012, don’t forget to stop and reflect on the things you’ve accomplished in 2011 so you can celebrate all of them when you cling glasses at midnight. 2012 will have it’s own time of glory. :)

What will you be celebrating this New Years Eve?

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