Cindy Lee is a Career & Life Purpose Coach that helps people understand their purpose and authentically demonstrate their values & standards consistently across their lives.

What is Career & Life Purpose Coaching?

Find Purpose

Understand what you're created for. Set your inner compass. Get clear about your values and define what's meaningful for you.

Live With Integrity

Navigate your goals with clear perspective & purpose. Make solid decisions & achieve goals across all areas of life.

Career & Beyond

Pursue opportunities with efficiency & peace. Develop skills & disciplines to thrive in ways that are satisfying & authentic to you.

Why be coached?

With life as busy as it is, having clear perspective, making the right choices, and keeping commitments are key to navigating life with integrity and peace.


The time with Cindy was invaluable. I was unsatisfied with decisions I was making or ones I was not making, and that affected my overall state and feeling of how my life was going. During coaching, I made quite a few decisions that I had been putting off, and I saw [results] beyond my expectations! Now, I am progressing in the direction I want to go, which makes me excited about what is coming ahead. I still have improvement to make, but I am proud to be further along than I was before coaching.
~ Deborah, San Jose, CA


Life coaching was the best investment I have made for myself in a long time. Cindy's guidance came right at a time when I needed to learn from my past, learn about myself, and [make key career choices]. Her accountability really made it all happen, especially her insight to see where my actions could be changed for a “greater” outcome. She knew when to be supportive and when to push. I felt like I was finally becoming focused, a whole person. I felt more grounded and happy, and I have been given such great tools to handle life's challenges, make solid decisions, and honor the person God created me to be.
~ Lexie, New York, NY


I didn't really know what "life coaching" was... frankly, I didn't think I needed help with life. But I was so glad I did it. I went in thinking that it would give me clarity on one particular [career] decision, but came out with a clarity from thinking deeply about my purpose and priorities, as well as a peace of mind facing my worst fears about the decision. Beyond that, I enjoyed the fact that I felt like I was at a good place regardless of the decision, because I knew what was important to me.
~ Lusi, Durham, NC


I highly recommend coaching from Cindy! She helped me think through a critical career decision in a systematic and comprehensive way, which gave me a large measure of peace. More importantly, she helped me to understand myself more. She's also given me tools that I can use when dealing with self-doubt or fear, making decisions, and being more accountable. Cindy is a very capable and caring coach who will help you get to where you want to go!
~ Katherine, Los Angeles, CA

If you feel stuck or like you've been going in circles trying to figure this out on your own, get moving with practical steps to make decisions and reach your goals.

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